How to Use a Coupler w/ decorating tips!!

This a short, but to the point post!! Here, I show you how to use a coupler. Couplers are meant to keep the frosting in, so that when you squeeze your piping bag, frosting does not come out of the sides of the bag. Let’s start!

Buy a standard sized coupler (for standard sized tips) here!!

Buy a large sized coupler (for large sized tips) here!!

What you will need…

  • Coupler (large or standard depending on size of tip)

  • Piping bag/freezer bag

  • Frosting tip

How to use a coupler!!

  1. Take your piping bag/freezer bag and place the tip inside.

  2. Draw a line at the middle of the tip (on the bag).

  3. Cut at the line, or more or less, so that the tip goes in the bag and half of the tip is sticking out. This way it has enough room to pipe but not too much space!!

  4. Take your coupler and unscrew the ring, so that both pieces are separate. photo 1

  5. Now take the larger piece of the coupler (not the ring that was unscrewed) and place it into your piping bag. Make sure it fits securely and is tight. To do this, push it down 2

  6. Place your frosting tip on the pointed part of the coupler like this:photo 4

  7. Take the ring and screw it over the tip and the bag MAKING SURE THE CUT END OF THE BAG IS SECURED UNDER THE RING. If it is not secured, then the frosting will be squeezed out when pressure is applied to the bag!photo 5

  8. You are now ready to pipe! This is how your bag should look like!:)photo 1

    If you want to change out the tip, simply unscrew the ring, take the tip off, put on your new tip and screw the ring back on making sure the cut end of the bag goes underneath!


Please leave a comment if you have any questions! Thanks☺


Decorationg Cupcakes…made EASY!!

When I first started baking, I watched SO many videos and tutorial on how to decorate cupcakes the way it was done in a bakery easily. Most of these videos were done by professionals with very hard-to-follow technique. This post breaks down how you can make beautiful, bakery worthy cupcakes like the ones below with a few easy tips and steps!!



The first step: getting your supplies straight. What do you need to decorate cupcakes like a pro?? You’re about to find out☺ Different websites and videos name their favorites and what has worked for them when it comes to decorating cupcakes. This made it so confusing when I went to buy my own set of supplies! The brand I use for piping tips is Wilton. This has been a full proof brand for me and can really help you make amazing cupcakes!! This is the set I bought from Wilton (my first cupcake decorating supplies!). This set comes with four big tips, which are awesome for decorating cupcakes: the “star tip 1M, round tip 2A, drop flower tip 2D, star tip 4B”. It also comes with disposable piping bags which I prefer over the reusable ones- they’re much easier to clean! It also comes with an instruction booklet on how to use the tips.

I think that it is better to create your own “set” by buying different supplies that you can use. First, I will explain and tell you what products I think are great to start you off, and then, I will link them below so you can order them! THE PINK WORDS ARE ALL THE LINKS. CLICK ON THEM TO BE DIRECTED TO THE WEBSITE WHERE YOU CAN BUY THE PRODUCT (WILL OPEN IN NEW WINDOW/TAB).

photo 3.JPG

DECORATING TIPS: This is the obvious one! Decorating tips add so much to your cupcakes and can really give them a professional look. They mostly do the work when it comes to decorating cupcakes☺ I believe that this is a must, and below, I have listed the tips that I like best. Click on the name of the tip, and you will be sent to a page where you can buy it!

Wilton 1M: THIS IS MY FAVORITE!!!! It can make your cupackes perfect♥.  Using a buttercream or stiff whipped cream frosting works really nice!

photo 5


Wilton 4B: This gives your cupcakes a very unique look and it’s so fun! Once again, it works great with classic buttercream, and a nice stiff whipped cream frosting!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Wilton 2D: This drop flower tip can be used to make a beautiful rose design or a nice pile of frosting on a cupcake! Also, you can decorate cakes with this tip. Just like the 4B and 1M tips, this requires a sturdy frosting that will keep its shape.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Wilton 2A: This is an ideal tip for a frosting that did not come out as thick as expected or will not stiffen after piping. Cream cheese frosting, frostings with fresh fruit (like fresh strawberry buttercream), and just cupcakes you want to look simple are perfect for the 2A round tip!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


PIPING BAGS: If you want to use tips to decorate your cupcakes, you NEED piping bags. If you are a beginner, and do not want to buy these then large freezer bags (or another size depending on how much frosting you have) work great too. I have tried the reusable piping bags, but they are hard to clean and the oils from frosting stays behind on the bag. Also, once you cut a large whole on the bag, you cannot use small tips because they won’t fit! Disposable piping bags are perfect and you can simply throw them out when finished!! Or, clean them out to reuse them. Buy some here. If you only need a few, try asking your local grocery store bakery if you can have some piping bags.

photo 4


COUPLERS..?: Couplers. I never used these at first- I didn’t know what they  even were! When it comes to large tips like the ones listed above, couplers are not always needed. However, if you cut a whole too big, or just want to make sure the frosting does not squeeze out of the wrong spot in you bag then you need them. Small piping tips do need couplers or things can get messy!! For the Wilton cupcake tips that I linked above, you need a large coupler. For standard sized tips, you will need this coupler. Tutorial on how to use a coupler coming soon!

photo 2

The next step:

THE PERFECT FROSTING: Decorating cupcakes is NOT all about the tools. You also need the perfect frosting! Cream cheese, buttercream, whipped cream, and meringues (Swiss, French, and Italian) are all great pipe-able frostings. Below, I listed my favorite my favorite recipes for frostings that I have tried and used many times!! These are definitely not the only types of frostings there are. Caramel, strawberry, raspberry, coconut, ganache, fudge, cinnamon: this could go on forever…. Knowing basic recipes allows you to add whatever you desire to you frosting AND create whatever you desire. This link shows you so many ways you can flavor buttercream!!

Vanilla Buttercream Recipe (scroll down!)

Milk Chocolate Buttercream Recipe (scroll down!)

Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe (scroll down- LOVE this recipe!!!)

Whipped Cream Frosting Recipe- I have my own recipe for this, but it is very interchangeable. It is a step by step tutorial on how to make it w/ pictures!! The link goes to my first blog post- on how to make this frosting:)

Swiss Meringue Buttercream Recipe– I have never made any meringue frostings! This recipe and the other two meringue recipes are recipes I found that looked like they were stiff and could hold up well. Check them out!

French Buttercream

Italian Meringue Buttercream– includes a video!



The last step:

TECHNIQUE: There are many different ways to frost cupcakes using these tips. Here, I show you the way I like to decorate my cupcakes. This post does not have pictures on how to make the decorations, but I will be making a post on that soon! I linked my favorite video tutorials below using these tips.

For the Wilton 1M, 2A and 4B: start on the outside, and work your way in, swirling around one swirl on top of another. This video shows you how to do it with the 1M, but it is the same for the 2A and 4B!

For the 2D: You can use the technique used for the other three tips, however, you can also do a rose design on a cupcake going backwards. Start on the inside and swirl your way outwards- not doing layers of frosting one on top of another. This is the video!!


Hope this video helped you decorate cupcakes! Feel free to leave a comment below on what you think of this blog:)


Homemade Whipped Cream Frosting!

Whipped cream frosting. Bakery frosting can often be very sweet and ruin the cake. Many people like whipped cream frosting better since it is lighter, not too sweet, and delicious!! Also, this does not have to be a “frosting”! It is really just whipped cream. Top a pie with this or dip your strawberries in it for dessert a healthy snack;)  The possibilities are endless!!The full ingredients and directions are listed at the bottom of this post. Let’s begin!!

The first thing you will need to do is gather your mixing bowl, heavy whipping cream and hand whisk/mixer attachment (depends on if you’re using a mixer or a whisk) . If using a stand mixer, you will need to use the whisk attachment. Hand blenders (whisk attachment) and hand mixers will work just as well for this. Hand whisks work too- but get ready to mix… A LOT!

The mixing bowl, heavy whipping cream, and whisk attachment/hand whisk must go in the fridge so they can chill for at least 30 minutes. The cream should be in there for a minimum of 2-3 hours. DO NOT TAKE THEM OUT UNTIL YOU ARE COMPLETELY READY TO MAKE THE FROSTING!!!!

Once your mixer is ready to go, pour your chilled heavy cream into your chilled bowl.

heavy cream

Once you done that, add in your powdered or granulated sugar and vanilla extract. You have to determine the sweetness, and based on that, add in the sugar.

sugar to cream

Next, whip it until stiff peaks form about 2-3 minutes. IT COULD TAKE LESS OR MORE TIME- YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT. When you lift it up with the whisk, it should stay up without falling. Below, is how stiff peaks and soft peaks look. Stiff peaks make it pipe-able and thick enough that it will keep its shape.

soft peaks

whipped cream



That is all! This is how my finished whipped cream looked like:



I put my whipped cream frosting into piping bag and piped it onto a yummy key lime pie for the summertime!!


Homemade Whipped Cream Frosting Recipe


1 cup heavy whipping cream

1-2 tablespoons powdered/granulated sugar

1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract



  1. Leave heavy cream in fridge for at least 2-3 hours. Leave mixing bowl and hand whisk/whisk attachment in fridge for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Pour heavy cream into chilled bowl.
  3. Add in sugar of choice (amount depends on how sweet you want it. I like it with 2 tablespoons- even with that much it is not too sweet and not too mild) and vanilla extract.
  4. Whip until stiff peaks form (about 2-3 minutes. DO NOT only go by this time. It could take less or more time and you must watch it to make sure it does not turn into butter!)


Hope this post helped!! Feel free to leave a comment with any questions or what you think of my blog!!


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