How to Use a Coupler w/ decorating tips!!

This a short, but to the point post!! Here, I show you how to use a coupler. Couplers are meant to keep the frosting in, so that when you squeeze your piping bag, frosting does not come out of the sides of the bag. Let’s start!

Buy a standard sized coupler (for standard sized tips) here!!

Buy a large sized coupler (for large sized tips) here!!

What you will need…

  • Coupler (large or standard depending on size of tip)

  • Piping bag/freezer bag

  • Frosting tip

How to use a coupler!!

  1. Take your piping bag/freezer bag and place the tip inside.

  2. Draw a line at the middle of the tip (on the bag).

  3. Cut at the line, or more or less, so that the tip goes in the bag and half of the tip is sticking out. This way it has enough room to pipe but not too much space!!

  4. Take your coupler and unscrew the ring, so that both pieces are separate. photo 1

  5. Now take the larger piece of the coupler (not the ring that was unscrewed) and place it into your piping bag. Make sure it fits securely and is tight. To do this, push it down 2

  6. Place your frosting tip on the pointed part of the coupler like this:photo 4

  7. Take the ring and screw it over the tip and the bag MAKING SURE THE CUT END OF THE BAG IS SECURED UNDER THE RING. If it is not secured, then the frosting will be squeezed out when pressure is applied to the bag!photo 5

  8. You are now ready to pipe! This is how your bag should look like!:)photo 1

    If you want to change out the tip, simply unscrew the ring, take the tip off, put on your new tip and screw the ring back on making sure the cut end of the bag goes underneath!


Please leave a comment if you have any questions! Thanks☺


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