Traveling: What to Bring for the Flight and Halt!

Traveling. It is something that is so fun to do, but takes a lot of planning, packing, and thinking in advance!! I am going to be going on a 20-hour flight tomorrow, and there are DEFINITELY some essentials that I want to bring. Especially with the halt in between. Click on the name of the object to see where I found it!!

Here they are:


Charger– if your phone runs out of battery, or you forgot to charge it, find a plug on the plane and you can have full battery when you land:) Mine came with the phone, but you can find some cute ones at the link!


Headphones– you can plug these into the TV or you can bring a device to listen to music while flying!


Mints/Gum- I like to have these Ice Breakers that I found at Walmart. I also like to have gum for take off and landing- it really helps!!


Snacks: Sunkist Trail Mix– this is a great thing to snack on while flying. It gives you energy and it is mostly healthy;)


Snacks: Van’s Simply Delicious Gluten Free Say Cheese! Cracker – these are really yummy and they have whole grains in them☺ also, they are bite-sized and easy to pop in your mouth when traveling. any crackers like these are great!


Snacks: LäraBar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars– These are SO healthy and good for you because they contain all natural ingredients and the simplest ingredients. they are also really yummy, but you have to find your taste. some of them you will like, but it may be different for others. I personally LOVE the apple pie flavor of these bars.

photo 1.JPG

Sanitizer– this is a must! There are so many germs on a plane since so many people have been on it. you should use this before you eat and other times you feel are necessary!


I also like to have books and sometimes I like to take a journal and pens to use as a “travel diary“!


The next few things are for the halt after a long flight (if you have one for where you are going. if not this is good to have before leaving the airport)-

photo 4.JPG

Hair ties– these are great to have on your wrist always- you never know when you’ll need one! photo 2.JPG

Hair brush/comb– this is to redo your hair once you get off the plane!

photo 5.JPG

Fragrance Mist and Deodorant- especially after a long flight, this keeps the smell away☺



…And of course, a good travel bag!


That’s it for me! Questions or Comments? Go to the top of the post and on the left hand corner under the date, click “leave a comment” and let me know what you think☺ Please know that I am on a trip for the next few weeks, but once I return I will be posting a lot!!!



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